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U.S. students as criminals to discipline?

May 2, 2012

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American children has become more and more difficult, previously regarded as harmless play, are now seen as a heinous act. Students after school can no longer create a ruckus. In Texas, the police will ticket for the children from the age of six a fine of up to five hundred gold. New Jersey, a school anti-drug, compel students to regular urine tests, especially for the students apply for campus parking or participate in sports and community activities. Zero tolerance policy seems to implement too, another secondary school in New Jersey, a student with a pharmacy to buy allergy medicine and was forced to drop out. In North Carolina, an honors forced to drop out, have a knife to cut fruits in her lunch box, but later found she was wrong with my father’s lunch. In the state of Oklahoma, graffiti will be arrested, a 13- year-old male student in accordance with the crime of vandalism be prosecuted. Such a severe punishment, what impact the next generation? Children into the adult judicial process, will cause irreparable harm. It’s the hard being a kid in. the United States these days. What ‘was once considered to be youthful often suggests the misbehavior is now treated as a serious crime. Playground rough-housing is the no longer horseplay. In of Texas, police are in scribed with TICKETS as a high as U.S. $ 500 to children as young, as six. In one New Jersey middle school, students must submit to the mandatory pee tests before they can participate in sports or other activities. Zero tolerance. policies have been taken too far. A New Jersey school once the suspended a student for taking over of-the-counter allergy medicine to school. In, North Carolina, an honors student was recently the suspended for taking a paring Knife to school. She had accidentally in switched lunch boxes with her dad. In Oklahoma, doodling on a desk led to the arrest of a 13-year-old boy. What effect will these punishments have on children? Putting children through an adult justice system could be preparing them for a life of crime.

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