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James Prindle Trial

June 4, 2012

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 Once again I would like to ask that you please consider this. We need several people who live in the Memphis area, or who would be willing to come down to James trial, and sit on his side of the court room. If we can do this, it will show the jurors seated, hearing James case, that he has much support, and will help our cause.


James case is very close and dear to my heart. The time he and I have spent together, whether it be by phone, letters or in person, has been truly treasured by both of us. He is a very special young man, and God’s gift to the world. To see James life, dreams, hopes, and future be destroyed, by being found guilty for something we know he did not do, would be a grievous sin, and this world would be a much diminshed place without his inner light.


Once again, I’m asking all of you who are reading this, to please consider being there for James trial, and helping us support him. If you can’t then please pray for James, and that he will be found not guilty. Just because you are accused of something, doesn’t make you guilty. There is no DNA evidence, or anything to show that he had anything to do with this.


Thank you in advance for this and your support of James. Please contact me through Facebook if you can help. If not…pl;easde pray for him and a positive outcome.



Please help! 


Stephen Sydebnotham,

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