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James Prindle: The Time is Now

August 14, 2012

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 Today is August 14th 2012. James next hearing, and, or sentencing date is 10 days away, on Friday, August 24, 2012. We have until then, to raise the signatures on James petition, and make enough waves,to change the mind of Judge Carter and the prosecutor of James case, Jennifer Nichols.


James is not guilty of the charges he has been convicted of. Give James that chance, by asking this case be reopened. We have an opportunity to change James life, and give him back his life, his future, and return to him all the hopes and dreams of what he thought when he turned adult.


Many children have been lost to the system, we can say enough-is-enough, and draw a line in the sand, and say it stops here and now. Please, everyone sign, James petition, and send it to your friends as well. I appreciate all your help, and James does too.


Children need our help, please give James yours.  


Thank You


Stephen Sydebotham


James Prindle’s advocate. 

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